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One Oven – For One Really Good Reason

An oven that is too small will have “Hot-spots” and temperature spikes that are hard to manage.  An oven that is too large, will take longer to heat up and require lots of fuel/wood to keep it at the correct temperature, so we made an oven that is just right.

Proudly Australian Made

We are very proud that our woodfired ovens, stands & tools are Australian made, but there is more to this story.

Our materials are not sourced from big hardware stores or chains, we only buy from Australian businesses and ALL of our production, machining, casting & assembly is carried out by local family businesses. Buying from us not only helps to feed your family, it feeds our family a few other families too.


Our Woodfired Pizza Ovens are supplied as a DIY kit that anyone with basic handyman skills and a few tools can assemble over a weekend.  We have specifically used the word “assemble” instead of build as there is nothing for you to build, make, cut or saw.  

The only two ingredients you will need to provide to assemble your oven is sand & water.  All other materials – render, mortar insulation blanket, reinforcing wire mesh, are all provided.

The oven dome is supplied complete with no extra work required, the firebrick floor and insulation board is already cut to the correct shape.

You will need a few basic tools – A shovel and wheelbarrow, sharp knife, side-cutters & pliers, a small trowel, sponge and a couple of buckets.

Easy to Follow Instructions – With Pictures

We all know the joy of trying to follow Swedish stick figures, so our woodfired ovens are supplied with simple step by step instructions including colour photos so you can literally see what to do next and what it should look like as you are doing it.

If you require extra guidance or you just don’t think something is right, we are only a phone call of Facetime click away.

Standard Features:

65mm Thick Two-piece Castable Refractory Clay Dome

Castable Refractory Clay is designed to sustain heating to high temperatures and cooling again time and again over many years.  The two-piece design makes the oven dome manageable to handle and move into position at your home. 

Essential Ship-Lap Join

Our integrated ship-lap join maintains a uniform thickness across the entire dome and provides a built-in expansion joint, while.  The ship-lap join also creates a “Flame stop” preventing the fire from ever reaching the insulation blanket above. 

Calcium Silicate Floor Insulation

Calcium Silicate board is installed beneath the firebrick floor to ensure heat is not lost through the base of the oven into the bench below.  Achieving and maintaining a constant floor temperature is one of the keys to cooking great food in your woodfired oven.

The 25mm Calcium Silicate board provides a flat, stable surface for the Firebrick floor to sit. We do not recommend an insulation blanket be used for this task, as there is a risk of blanket fibres becoming unstable and contaminating your food.

50mm Firebrick Floor

A constant, even floor temperature is one of the keys to cooking great food from pizza to bread, fish & steak.

50mm thick firebricks store heat in the bricks and the mass/thickness of the brick allows the temperature to even out across the entire surface of the bricks to prevent hot-spots.

50mm Bio-Soluble Insulation Blanket

Our ovens include a Bio-soluble insulation blanket instead of the more common ceramic fibre blankets. This eliminates the dangers and respiratory risks associated with handling fibrous materials.

The blanket helps retain heat in the clay dome and reduce the time required for the oven to reach cooking temperature.

The flexible nature of the blanket allows the oven dome to expand and contract as it heats and cools.

Two-Layer Outer Render Shell with Wire Reinforcing Mesh

Two layers of render provide a durable weather-resistant shell to protect your oven while also providing additional insulation.  Stainless-stee mesh adds additional strength to the render shell while still allowing it to expand and contract while heating and cooling. 

Colouring oxides can be added to the render while mixing to achieve a specific colour, or the finished render can be painted using a suitable product such as Dulux Accra-tex.

Insulated Stainless-Steel Oven Door

Our oven door is manufactured from 3mm stainless-steel and includes a 25mm thick layer of solid insulation to minimise heat loss through the door. 

The stainless-steel handles are easy to hold and shaped to support the door in multiple positions/angles to achieve the correct amount of airflow/draft into the oven for the food you are cooking.

You might have noticed that we do not include a temperature gauge in our oven door – read on below and you will understand why.

600⁰ Celsius Temperature Gauge

Many ovens have a temperature gauge mounted in the oven door – This left us scratching our heads, as it only tells you the temperature when the door is in place and is redundant when you are not cooking with the door in place – like when you are cooking pizza.

We resolved this issue by sourcing a temperature gauge that is mounted into the dome with a long probe that provides a reliable indication of air temperature inside the oven.

It can be installed on either the left or right side of the oven and easily removed and re-calibrated if required.

Left or Right side must be nominated at time of ordering oven and cannot be changed.

Stainless-Steel Flue & Cowl

900mm long and capped with a wide-brim stainless-steel cowl is supplied with each oven to help prevent rainwater entering the oven.

Installing your oven under a patio roof is very easy to achieve with our standard and custom flue kit systems.

Wide Front Opening for Easy Access

The oven opening is well sized to allow easy reach access to the entire cooking surface of the oven. 

The opening is high enough to allow medium and large cast-iron camp ovens to be placed into the oven safely.

Forward Positioned Flue Spigot

The position of the flue is essential for creating “draft” and drawing hot air around the oven and up the flue. The forward flue spigot allows the oven door to be positioned behind the flue to stop drafting and retain heat in the oven.  

Standard Light Grey
Light Brown

Render Colours:

The render that forms the outer shell of the woodfired oven can be coloured during the mixing process by adding a coloured oxide if desired.