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4 Tool & Wall Rack Set


Our range of Australian made oven tools have been designed by people who use woodfired ovens all the time – us!
This set includes all four of our oven tools and the wall mounted 4 tool rack.


The Paddle is designed for getting your uncooked pizza from your prep bench into your oven.
Its larger size is designed to accommodate a family size pizza with room to spare.  Large round holes allow any excess flour to fall away before getting to the oven instead of burning on your base.  The shorter handle gives you control over exactly where you place the pizza in your oven.


The Peel is designed for turning your pizza while cooking and then removing your cooked pizza from the oven.
The round shape and size of the Peel allows you to turn your pizza around in the oven while it is cooing.
The laser cut pattern makes the Peel light weight and allows heat to pass through the tool head as you are moving your pizza and the long handle allows you to easily reach your entire oven floor or elevate your pizza to the top of the oven dome to crisp your toppings.

Coal Rake:

Lightweight & strong enough to move bigger logs around your oven, the coal rake makes easy work of positioning coals and logs exactly where you want them.
The extra-long stainless-steel shaft section keeps the timber handle out of the action & a small spike on the top corner of the coal rake is handy for turning logs around.

Oven Floor Brush:

Nobody ever ordered ash on their pizza! Our natural fibre floor brush is great for a quick brush of the hot oven floor before your pizza or bread goes in.
Unlike synthetic bristles that quickly melt, natural bristles can withstand constant short bursts of heat without issue. The brush head can be easily replaced as needed to keep it like new.
The Floor brush is also very handy if you find your oven floor is too hot and burning your pizza.  Dip the brush head into a bucket of water and then give the floor a wipe with the wet brush to reduce the temperature.

4 Tool Wall Rack:

A place for each tool to be stored so that it is within easy reach when you need it, but also on display for all to see.
A built-in bottle opener so you are never searching in a moment of need and a hook for an apron or your favourite cooking hat.
Oven tools are stored head-up to keep them away from the ground.

All Tools:

Each tool head is laser cut from 316 grade stainless steel, welded, pickled and hand polished to a Number 4 finish.
Kwila handles are turned locally for a comfortable grip, sanded to a smooth finish & coated with beeswax to protect against fingerprints and marks.
Handle length can be customised if required.

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